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He is english after all. Katie is determined to do what is right teach school, raise her brothers childre and take care of them since their mother passed away in childbirth. Will Katie Rose and Zane realize what path that God has laid out before them before it is to late. How will it end? A definate must read View 1 comment. May 27, Judy rated it it was amazing. I have quickly become a fan of Amy Lillard. Katie Rose Fisher is a woman who has accepted her calling from God.

That calling is to help care for her brother's children and to be the schoolteacher in her district. She is obedient to this call because of her love for children. She has resigned herself to a life without a husband and children of her own. This is what God wishes for her isn't it? She had one love in her life, Samuel Beachy. Zane Carson, a war correspondent for Around the World magazine, was recovering from a bullet wound to his shoulder when he received a call from Jolene Davidson, senior editor of the magazine.

Zane was hoping to hear he was being sent to Juarez, Mexico to cover an assignment on the war on drugs. A very dangerous assignment Zane knew but he wanted the excitement of the job. Instead Jo wanted him to spend three months in Oklahoma Amish country. Surely, she was joking! She promised Zane that if he took this assignment she would make sure he got the Juarez assignment. Katie being Amish and Zane from the English world both knew that what they felt could never be acted on. Katie had a close relationship with God. Zane wanted nothing to do with God. Surely there could never be any kind of relationship between the two.

Zane was looking forward to leaving in 3 months after this assignment was done.

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Wasn't he? The author not only brought two worlds together, she made it seem like a natural thing to do. There were moments of laugh out loud humor, moments of struggling with an illness, moments of seeing family and community working together and definitely moments of doing some soul searching. We see love, faith, and trust all coming together. Choices had to be made. This book is very deserving of 5 stars. I urge you to pick up a copy. You will not be disappointed. I can't wait to read author Amy Lillard's next book!

Mar 23, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing. She grew up with Samuel Beachy and everyone thought they would join the Church and get married. Samuel decided that he wasn't ready for marriage and to join the church so he turned his back on Katie and the church. He wanted to live in the English world. She wanted to join the church and live for God. Katie is living with her brother Gabriel ever since his wife passed away.

She is helping him take care of his two children. She said that helping Gabriel, teaching the children at school, and living for God was her life and she had no plans to get married. She still can't get Samuel out of her mind. Zane Carson is a News Correspondent and was given a job to go to this Amish Community and get a story on their every day way of life.

Katie's mom, Ruth Fisher was also part of his assignment. She is very sick and it is costing a lot for her treatments. Zane has never gone to church or even prayed and he was suppose to go and live with the Fisher family for a while and get his story for the News. Oh, Zane is also engaged to marry his friend back home. Zane is living and working with the Fisher family, and he thinks Katie is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

He just loves those eyes. There is an attraction between them when they first meet. Katie wants no part of a man especially an English one. Now both are having a hard time with their feeling around each other and with themselves. Well I guess I better stop before I spoil everything. What about Zane's girlfriend Monica that he has ask to marry him??? Will Samuel come to his senses and come back?? Also what about Katie and Zane the difference between them, would they ever make it together??

This is a very good written story and I would read it again. I gave this book a 5 Stars rating because it is good and very well written. I won this Advance Reader copy and was not told to write a good review. Release date is May 1, Mar 19, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle.

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I loved the story of Katie and Zane. The spirituality is wonderful. The romance is sweet and clean! May 21, Brenda rated it it was amazing. I didn't realize that this was the second book in the Clover Ridge Novel series by Amy Lillard, thankfully though the author provides enough background information that it was easy to be pulled right into the story.

I really felt drawn to Clover Ridge, and the characters in the story. The author's storytelling, not only created endearing characters, but also a plot that easily pulled me along.

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  8. Katie Fisher feels like she is well past the age for marrying, even though she longs for more she is co I didn't realize that this was the second book in the Clover Ridge Novel series by Amy Lillard, thankfully though the author provides enough background information that it was easy to be pulled right into the story. Katie Fisher feels like she is well past the age for marrying, even though she longs for more she is content with the plan that God has for her, and that's teaching the children, and helping to take care of her brother's children.

    Things change though when Zane Carson comes to town. As a war correspondent the last place he expected to be assigned was in Oklahoma Amish country, but that's his next assignment. Staying for three months to get an inside view of the Amish. He and Katie are drawn together, but how could it ever work, after all Zane is an outsider.

    An added twist is the person who left Katie and the faith has come back. Will she reconnect with him, or is there some way that she and Zane might find love? Great setting, wonderful characters, and an interesting story made "Katie's Choice" a great read for me. I enjoyed this one so much that I have already ordered the first book in the series titled "Saving Gideon. Mar 17, Cindy rated it it was amazing.

    I have to start out by saying I am a bad street team member. Too often when you are an active reviewer books pile up fast and this was the case with this book. I did read the last book in the series so I started out this book, knowing if the boy would get the girl. At first I was wondering why read it, you know what happens, but I am so glad I took the time to read this book.

    It was a fun story. It also gave you more insight to the relationships that you have read about in the previous book I have to start out by saying I am a bad street team member. It also gave you more insight to the relationships that you have read about in the previous book, and even the latter book. The Fisher men got one over on Zane, his first day of working in the fields but he got them back.

    And the gig was on then. More practical jokes and tricks followed and they really made the story even more enjoyable for me. This book is a wonderful story and I loved it 5 stars from this reviewer. This book was provided for review purposes only, no payment was received for this review. May 05, Kathleen Kat Smith rated it it was amazing Shelves: contemporary-fiction , christian-fiction , christian-teen-fiction , amish-historical-romance-fiction , chick-literature , young-adult-fiction , romance-fiction.

    Highly recommend seems hardly the word to describe my feelings after reading Katie's Choice by author Amy Lillard. This is one of the best books I've read this year and desperately needs to be added to anyone who loves Amish fiction! I would most definitely add this to your summer reading list even if your simply a fan of romance stories and have never read an Amish fiction novel before. Picking up on the heels of its predecessor, Saving Gideon, the reader is once more back at the Fisher family Highly recommend seems hardly the word to describe my feelings after reading Katie's Choice by author Amy Lillard.

    Katie's Way (Pleasant Valley, #5) by Marta Perry

    Picking up on the heels of its predecessor, Saving Gideon, the reader is once more back at the Fisher family farm in Oklahoma. This time it's to help with the financial worries facing the community in dealing with Ruth Fisher's cancer treatments. Asking an English reporter, Zane Carson to spend three months in their home learning about what the Amish life is all about, they are hoping since the English are so interested in the Amish way of life, this might be a way to help contribute to the ongoing cancer treatments Ruth has been facing since learning she has breast cancer.

    Zane Carson is less than thrilled with his latest assignment in Oklahoma preferring to be in the midst of some war in a third world country at war. Yet still recovering from his last story in which he was shot, his editor Jo, promises if he can cover this story for three months, she send his to Juarez, Mexico to deal with the ongoing drug cartels. For Zane it's a no brainer to do this.

    Until he discovers that living life as an Amish person is a whole lot more challenging than he ever dreamed. Not just dealing with no electricity, but men are working from before sun up to sun down, plowing, planting and caring for the farm. Something this Chicago based city boy is about to get a rude awakening on. What he didn't plan on, was falling for Katie Rose Fisher, a plain and simple Amish girl dealing with her own heartbreak.

    Katie Rose Fisher has been waiting for the man she dreamed of marrying, Samuel Beachy. She's been waiting for six long years and has resolved her fate in life, that Samuel will never return from living among the English and instead cares for her brother and his only child, while teaching the children in the one room Amish schoolhouse. She truly believed that after Samuel experienced his time during rumspringa, that he would return to the church and they would marry, but Samuel didn't want to return to the church.

    He wanted to remain English instead and never looked back. Katie now believes it's long past time to find someone else to marry and it's certainly not going to be the man moving into her parents home, no matter how good looking he is. Hands down this one is a 5 out of 5 stars, which in my world means it's a permanent keeper on my library shelf, one that I will read more than once and will talk about long after reading it.

    I especially loved the relationship that Zane develops with John Paul, Katie's brother who himself is in the midst of rumspringa and the lessons they teach one another about growing up and practical jokes. There's even a discussion guide included to make this one a great novel for a book club along with a glossary of Amish words you'll found throughout the novel.

    Trust me, get this one! While you're at it, better pick up Saving Gideon too because it shares the story of Annie whom you will meet in this one! Sep 17, Jalynn Patterson rated it it was amazing. Can Zane convince Katie Rose that he is committed to adapting to her way of life, or will Samuel win her affections back for himself once again? About the Author: Amy Lillard is an award-winning writer who loves reading romance novels from contemporary to Amish.

    These two genres met in her first book, 's Saving Gideon. Born and bred in Mississippi, she now lives with her husband and son in Oklahoma. My Review: I had never heard of the author until reading Katie's Choice which is a well written novel based on the fact that Katie, an Amish girl is very much smitten with a fellow Amish man by the name of Samuel Beachy and Samuel doesn't seem to return the affection the way he should. And Katie doesn't understand why he hasn't returned from living with the English.

    And as a result of this Katie has resigned herself to the fact that she will never marry. Never marry that is until Zane comes into her life. And making that vow to herself turns out to be a very hard thing to live by. Especially since Zane isn't Amish. But Zane could be the hope and dreams that Katie has longed for if only she would give Zane a chance to get close since her major heartbreak caused by Samuel and his continued absence.

    Jul 06, Cheryal rated it it was amazing Shelves: amish. I absolutely loved this book. You don't even need to have a fixation with the Amish to love this one. I am so sad that there was one before this one. I will read it now but would have loved to have read it in order. Good news is that there is a third one. It is romantic, it makes me laugh outloud, there is a spice added religion so no preaching. The excitement as two worlds collide.

    Ahhhhh makes me want to read it again.

    See a Problem?

    May 08, Lindsey Silvestrini rated it it was amazing. I was not disappointed! It makes me want to move to Clover Ridge and never look back. I got to know the characters in the first book so it was nice to jump right in and see what they were up to. This time the focus was more on Katie Rose who is helping her brother raise his only child after the loss of his wife.

    She has accepted her fate to never get married after being heart broken by Samuel and left to help her brother. Everything changes when Zane Carson comes along. She knows nothing can come of a relationship with an Englischer. But Zane has struggles of his own. He is a reporter studying the Amish lifestyle but gets much more then he bargained for. Katie awakens something in him and he begins to question his own lifestyle and the wisdom of living a life without God.

    Will studying the Amish lifestyle make him want to become one of them? Is his mutual attraction to Katie Rose enough to help him make some touch choices? But less then halfway into this book and I was entirely focused on Katie and Zane. Feb 11, Andrea Guy rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley , reads , romance , amish , ebook. Most books that you read about the Amish involve just the Amish. This book was very different in that respect. Zane Carson is a worldly reporter, used to covering stories in the worst conditions.

    He's sent to Oklahoma to study the Amish way of life and bring their story to the world for his magazine. Amy Lillard brings the day to day life of the Fisher family to life on each page. You feel like you knew all of them. I adored Ruth, who was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and had her own dem Most books that you read about the Amish involve just the Amish. I adored Ruth, who was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and had her own demons she was facing.

    She was spunky and determined even though she was frightened. And John Paul, who seems like the typical teenage boy on his rumspringa, who is anything but. These characters show the importance of family as well as Zane's journey to find God and love. You may think that the story is about Katie Rose, and yes, she's the heroine here, but it is Zane who is front and center.

    Amy shows us through his eyes how the Amish live and how he came to become one of them while he worked on her families farm and how he fell in love with her. It isn't often that Englischers turn Amish. I hope that in future books, we'll see if Zane and Katie's relationship succeeds. You certainly are rooting for them. You even feel a bit sad for Zane's girlfriend, who is often forgotten throughout the book.

    As for Samuel Beachy?

    Katie's Clean Book Collection

    Well when he returns you have to let out a groan of disgust. I mean, he left the faith and was gone for 6 years and expected Katie to agree to marry him? Not good marriage material if you ask me. Again, it leaves you wondering what will become of him in the future, will he return to the fold or will he go back out into the world I can't wait for the next book! May 17, Maureen Timerman rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed reading this book. It helps you realize what exactly is important in life. Zane Carson is a reporter, wounded in Afghanistan.

    He is recovering and ready to get to get back in action. His Editor thinks it is to soon, but has an assignment for him. Visit and tell about life in Amish Country in Oklahoma. Thus begins his life awakening moments, refreshing warm memories of his Childhood. He grew up in a Hippie Commune with his parents. Although they died while he was still young, and he fini I enjoyed reading this book. Although they died while he was still young, and he finished growing up with his Uncle in Chicago.

    He was brought up without knowing God, and now he is going to live with people who base their lives on God. Just before he leaves he asks his girlfriend Monica to marry him, she hadn't given him an answer. Arriving in Oklahoma he has no idea at all how Amish people live. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he seems to adapt. He of course, being a reporter is full of questions. Katie Fisher has been hurt when her intended left her a few years ago. He wanted to go English. She now is the Amish School Teacher, and helps her brother with the care of his family.

    One thing you notice as soon as she meets Zane is sparks. We all know this cannot be, he is Agnostic and she loves the Lord. He is English and she is Amish. I loved how the whole community comes together, and basically the acceptance of the English man, of course there is a reason behind him being there, which you will soon find out. Enjoy this quick pace read in the Oklahoma Amish Community. I for one am so glad there is another book in this series.

    I received this book through First Wild Card Book Tours, and was not required to give a positive review. Mar 26, J. Morrows rated it it was amazing Shelves: inspirational-romance , inspirational-fiction , inspirational , faves , you-just-try-to-pry-it-out-of-my-ha , free-for-honest-review , family. Another masterful telling from Amy Lillard.

    Amy Lillard has such an amazing talent It is amazing to see so many different perspectives in her work. In the first book of this series: Saving Gideon, we had the perspective of an outsider looking in. Amy writes with such realism, she puts you in the shoes of each character and the different perspectives are absolutely wond Another masterful telling from Amy Lillard. Amy writes with such realism, she puts you in the shoes of each character and the different perspectives are absolutely wonderful.

    One of my favorite things about this genre is that the lack of things like intimacy before marriage or bad language force the story to be so much more developed than most mainstream fiction. Amy Lillard is a prime example of that. Her plots are well-constructed and they flow well. You follow along the story and it all feels perfectly real while still being highly entertaining. I feel blessed to have found such a terrific new author and I hope to see many more books of hers in the years to come.

    Disclaimer: I received this book free in exchange for an honest review. Apr 02, Brittany rated it it was amazing. This book was wonderful. As the second book in the Clover Ridge Series, it follows the life of Katie Rose, who is the sister of Gideon from book number one Saving Gideon in the series. Zane, a reporter, has led a hard life and does not believe in God. He is assigned to live with the Amish for three months and ends up living with Katie's parents. Can Katie Rose's heart open up to him and be healed from a previous h This book was wonderful.

    Can Katie Rose's heart open up to him and be healed from a previous hurt? Will Zane ever believe that God is real? Would he want to leave his former life and devote himself to God and Katie Rose? This was a sweet story and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very hard to put down and I would recommend this book highly to any fans of Christian fiction and Amish romance. Jun 30, Gayle Pace rated it it was amazing. I think that anybody that loves Amish reads should add this to their to read list. Even if you're a romance lover, I think you'll love it. We start off with the Fisher family in Oklahoma.

    Ruth Fisher has cancer and is receiving medical attention for it. The financial worries are building. As we all know, the English are so fascinated with the Amish. This is where an English reporter comes in. Zane Carson is asked to stay in the Fisher home to discover what Amish living really is. The reporter is not exactly thrilled about doing this.

    He is promised by his editor that if he does this story that he can go to Mexico to report on the drug dealing. I had to smile at Zane thinking this was a cinch. He doesn't realize that Amish life can be very challenging and yet rewarding.

    Katie's Way

    What an eye opener this will be for the city boy. I loved when Zane fell for Katie Rose Fisher. But Katie had no intentions of getting involved with the English man that was living in her parent's home. She was a simple Amish girl who had battles of her own. She teaches the Amish children. She is filled with heartache. The man she had waited six years for has not returned from the English.

    When talked to, she will tell them that she has been separated from her mother and will beg for them to take her back to the town that was visited or the town from where the player was visiting from. If her request is refused, she will start sniveling instead of crying. If the player chooses to return her to her to her mother, Kaitlin, she will follow the them to the Town Gate. If the player enters another building, she will not enter but when they exit the building she can be found crying, asking them where they were.

    She also may fall over if the player moves too quickly and she begins to fall behind, and will cry as a result. When she is returned to Kaitlin, the player will receive a letter in the mail the next day with a present attached. These rewards can be found below.

    Her role in City Folk is unchanged from her role in Wild World. She retains the same appearance and characteristics, by not entering buildings the player may enter when she is helped home as well as tripping over when she is hurried. The rewards stay the same, except pictures do not make an appearance in the game.

    She may also appear more than once in your town. No way! You're the mayor?! Katie is older in New Leaf than she was in previous games, and now travels without her mother from town to town, despite that fact she will be grateful for traveling with her instead of alone. If she visits the player's town, she will be seen walking around and may ask if she could be taken to a friend's town. She will stay in your town for a day until you talk with her and decide to take her with you.

    If the player attempts to visit anywhere in their town other than the train station, the player will be presented to whether to hold Katie's interest to visit other towns. If she is taken to the train station, she will either get on the train with the player, or lose her ticket and miss the train as a result. If she missed the train, she will say in a letter that she got the next one. Regardless of the event, the player will still receive a gift from her the next day via a letter. If Katie misses the train.

    It is for one of two reasons. Katie has already been in the receiver's town for that day. Or, Katie is already set to appear in the receivers town, but has not appeared yet. Katie is seen sitting with Kaitlin during the K. Slider performance.